Cybersecurity for a New America 2017

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source: New America     2017年3月22日
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Welcome 9:43 ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER President and CEO, New America
Cybersecurity in the United States and around the world is staring down a future of unknowns. Cybersecurity for a New America 2017 will ask: “What’s next?”
On March 20, 2017, New America will convene leaders from industry, government, academia, and policy to consider those unknowns, and to look at both long-term trends and more immediate prospects for the next administration and the 115th Congress.
We will also showcase New America's efforts to help build more effective cybersecurity capacity—human, technical, organizational, and institutional.
Whats Next for the Cybersecurity Community 20:28
Big Ideas for the Future of Cybersecurity 35:10
Bugs in the System: Addressing the Vulnerability Problem 15:31
Lessons Learned Reflections on Cybersecurity in the Obama Administration 30:45
What’s Next for International Cybersecurity 37:13
Young Stars of Cybersecurity 21:21
Rise of the Hacker Industrial Complex 22:51
Cybersecurity Policy under the Trump Administration 30:52
What in the World is Going on? Cyber Strategies in 2017 and What They Mean 35:11
What Can Cybersecurity Learn from Behavioral Science? 13:37
Tomorrow's Tech and What it Means for Cybersecurity 38:10
What’s Next for Cybersecurity at the State and Local Level 30:48
Taking off the Hacker's Hoodie: Building a Better Cybersecurity Workforce 43:47
Keynote: The View from the Hill 32:57
Wargaming the Internet Apocalypse 49:35
Closing Remarks 5:24

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