JCCCvideo (videos of July 2017)

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1:39:27 JCCC Board of Trustees Meeting for July 20, 2017 The monthly meeting of the JCCC Board of Trustees which was held on July 20, 2017.
For more information on this and other happenings at the college, visit http://www.jccc.edu.
2:59 Xitracs Editing Tutorial Adding narrative, editing, and updating progra
 1:17 Xitracs Login Tutorial A brief login tutorial for newly registered Xitracs users.
 2:12 JCCC New Student Orientation- Financial Aid Are you planning to apply for federal financial aid? Have you already submitted your FAFSA? Want to learn about opportunities regarding JCCC scholarships? If you answered yes to any of these questi...
 3:02 JCCC New Student Orientation - Deadlines Want some critically important information about enrollment deadlines, payment deadlines, or drop deadlines? Watch our deadlines video!
 6:30 JCCC New Student Orientation - Enrollment Everything you need to know about how to enroll for credit classes! For more information on this and other happenings at the college, visit http://www.jccc.edu
 2:55 JCCC New Student Orientation - Counseling, Transferring from JCCC, and Access Services Are you needing counseling or Access Services, or are you planning to transfer from JCCC to another institution? All are important reasons to see a counselor. Find out more by watching this video.

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