Minds, Brains, & Science - John Searle's Reith Lectures (Transcripts Available)

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source: Philosophical Overdose    2015年8月9日
Minds, Brains, & Science - John Searle's Reith Lectures (Transcripts Available)
American philosopher John Searle examines the connections between minds, brains, and science. These BBC Reith Lectures were given in 1984, but are still just as relevant today. Some of the topics discussed include free will, the mind-body problem, AI, consciousness, social reality, cognitive science, human action, and the social sciences.

1 Froth on Reality: The Mind-Body Problem (John Searle) 29:36
In the first talk of his series 'Minds, Brains and Science', John Searle examines the so-called 'mind body problem'. Searle uses this paradox of the conscious mind verses the scientific brain to explore our understanding of the world. Professor Searle considers how humans think of themselves as cognisant, free, rational beings but science tells us we are a chance occurrence, created in a world that consists entirely of mindless physical particles. From this viewpoint Professor Searle explores the question how can an essentially meaningless world contain meaning?
2 Beer Cans & Meat Machines: Artificial Intelligence & The Chinese Room (John Searle) 29:32
3 Grandmother Knew Best: Cognitive Science & Rule Following (John Searle) 29:43
4 Walk to Patagonia: Minds & Human Action (John Searle) 29:39
5 A Changing Reality: The Science of Human Behavior (John Searle) 29:35
6 The Paradox of Free Will & Determinism (John Searle) 29:33

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