Control Theory and Optimization

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source: Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques   

Jean-Bernard Lasserre: The moment-LP and moment-SOS approaches 53:13
Stephan Volkwein: POD a-posteriori error estimation for PDE constrained optimization 1:32:07
Luc Robbiano: A spectral inequality for the bi-Laplace operator 54:49
Olivier Glass: Control of the motion of a set of particles 57:18
Giuseppe Buttazzo: Dirichlet-Neumann shape optimization problems 55:51
Jean-Michel Coron: Linear transformations for the stabilization of nonlinear PDE 48:38
Arnaud Münch : Inverse problems for linear PDEs using mixed formulations 48:27
Frank Morgan: Isoperimetry with density 42:47
Filippo Gazzola: A minimaxmax problem for improving the torsional stability of rectangular plates 37:55
Susanna Terracini : Regularity of the optimal sets for spectral functionals 43:00
Cristina Trombetti: On the stability of the Bossel-Daners inequality 38:08
Ilaria Fragalà: Some new inequalities for the Cheeger constant 41:07
13 49:36 Yves Achdou: Numerical methods for mean field games - Introduction to the system of PDEs and...
14 1:51:11 Yves Achdou: Numerical methods for mean field games - Monotone finite difference schemes
15 1:11:57 Yves Achdou: Numerical methods for mean field games - Variational MFG and related algorithms for...
16 1:05:16 René Aïd: Capacity expansion games with application to competition in power generation investments
17 54:56 René Carmona: Mean field games with major and minor players
18 1:02:51 Jean-David Benamou: Dynamic formulations of Optimal Transportation and variational MFGs
19 1:46:25 Plamen Turkedjiev: Least squares regression Monte Carlo for approximating BSDES and semilinear PDES
20 55:28 Stefano De Marco: Some asymptotic results about American options and volativity
21 47:29 Mathieu Laurière: Mean field type control with congestion
22 54:36 Alexander Schrijver: The partially disjoint paths problem
23 59:08 Tatiana Toro: Parametrizing with Guy
24 41:13 Jan Obłój: Pathwise or quasi-sure towards dynamic robust framework for pricing and hedging
25 35:37 Grégoire Loeper: Reconstruction by optimal transport: applications in cosmology and finance

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