Kane B (videos of June 2017)

source: Kane B
27:19 The St. Petersburg Paradox This video explains the St. Petersburg paradox and considers a few possible solutions.
30:45 Is science contingent? 2 In this video, I examine four arguments against contingentism.
30:44 Is science contingent? 1 Suppose that we replay the tape of the last few hundred years. Assume that, in our replay, the practice of science still exists and is properly resourced and rigorously conducted. Must this science...
21:27 Astrobiology - Planetary Habitability 2 This video examines how planetary mass, plate tectonics, giant planets, and the size of the moon can affect planetary habitability. I end with a discussion of "superhabitable" worlds.
21:22 Astrobiology - Planetary Habitability 1 Planetary habitability, the conditions required to support life, is a central concept in astrobiological research. This video discusses the circumstellar habitable zone and the galactic habitable z...
22:25 Drone Music / "Cold Seep" Here's a dark ambient piece I made, hope you enjoy.
43:22 Philosophy of Science 8 - Incommensurability This video examines the incommensurability thesis, one of the most important and controversial ideas to come from Kuhn's work. I discuss three aspects of incommensurability: methodological incommen...

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