bhadeshia123 (videos of June 2017)

source: bhadeshia123
0:59 Metallurgists at play, the Plough pub in Coton, June 2016 This was a lunch meeting at the famous Plough public house to celebrate the achievements of Wilberth Solano Alvarez and Christopher Hulme-Smith, PT Group members.
33:23 Biosciences applications for the oil and gas industry A talk on exploitation of biology in the oil and gas industries. Subjects such as biofuels, biologically induced corrosion, machine learning and gene libraries, biological treatments etc. The talk...
 35:55 Diffusion in Materials & Modelling Happiness A lecture by Dr Amir Shirzadi where he explains the nature of diffusion in a friendly manner, using happiness as an analogy.
 35:56 Functional porous networks from layered materials Professor Camille Petit gives a lecture (BP ICAM seminar series) on making three-dimensional architectured materials from two-dimensional materials.

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