Syzygies in Algebraic Geometry (with an exploration of a connection with string theory)

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source: LeonhardEuler1    2014年9月9日
Talks from the "Syzygies in Algebraic Geometry (with an exploration of a connection with string theory)" workshop held at Banff in August of 2012. The conference website, where the videos can be downloaded, can be found here: http://www.birs.ca/events/2012/5-day-workshops/12w5117/vi...

Aldo Conca, Koszul Algebras and their Syzygies 1:03:35
Steven Dale Cutkosky, Multiplicities Associated to Graded Families of Ideals 59:33
Ian Shipman, Orlov's Theorem 1:14:43
Andrei Caldararu, Curved Algebras 1:21:19
David Berenstein, From Quivers and Superpotentials to Algebras and Representation Theory 1:06:56
Paul Aspinwall, The Topological B-model and Superpotentials 1:07:54
Eric Sharpe, Boundary Terms in 2D Theories and Matrix Factorization 1:07:01
David Morrison, D-brane Algebras 1:11:46
David Berenstein, Conjectures About Superpotential Algebras 1:24:44
Sheldon Katz, Computation of Superpotentials for D-branes 1:02:07
Paul Aspinwall, Matrix Factorization on the Quintic 1:07:21
David Morrison, Matrix Factorizations in Physics (Summary Talk) 1:03:47
Robert Lazarsfeld, Asymptotic Syzygies of Algebraic Varieties 1:08:54
Giorgio Ottaviani, On the Syzygies of Veronese Embeddings 1:03:45
Frank-Olaf Schreyer, Syzygies of Torsion Bundles and the Geometry of the Level l Modular Variety 1:03:47
Marian Aprodu, Vector Bundles and Syzygies 37:49

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