Parameterized Morse Theory in Low-Dimensional and Symplectic Topology

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source: LeonhardEuler1    2014年9月11日
Talks from the "Parameterized Morse Theory in Low-Dimensional and Symplectic Topology" workshop held at Banff in March of 2014. The conference website, where the videos can be downloaded, can be found here: http://www.birs.ca/events/2014/5-day-workshops/14w5119/vi...

J. Hyam Rubinstein, Parametrised Morse Theory for 3-manifolds 58:47
Stefan Behrens, Singular Fibrations on 4-manifolds 1:07:59
Christopher Schommer-Pries, From the Cobordism Hypothesis to Higher Morse Theory 1:11:35
Lisa Traynor, An Introduction to Symplectic and Contact Topology and ... 1:06:06
Jesse Johnson, Minsky Models and Morse 2-functions on 3-manifolds 1:02:27
Alexander Zupan, Knots with Compressible Thin Levels 1:02:29
Martin Scharlemann, The Schönflies Conjecture and its Spin-offs 1:05:39
Jonathan Williams, Weak Floer A-infinity Algebras for Smooth 4-manifolds 1:04:36
Katrin Wehrheim, How to Extend 2+1 "Field Theories" to 2+1+1 Dimensions 1:03:12
Jamie Vicary, Computations with Topological Defects 1:11:22
Bruce Bartlett, 3-dimensional Bordism Representations via Generators and Relations 1:10:22
Joshua Sabloff, Families of Legendrian Submanifolds via Generating Families 1:01:16
Yakov Eliashberg, All Manifolds are Contact Except Those Which are Obviously Not 1:04:23
M. Brad Henry, A Combinatorial Differential Graded Algebra for Legendrian Knots... 1:05:41
Ryan Budney, Triangulating 4-manifolds and a Table of Knots in Homotopy 4-spheres 1:00:39

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