American Literature to 1865 by Barry Wood (U of Houston)

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source: UHouston    2010年2月16日
ENGL 3350
Title: American Literature to 1865
Professor: Barry Wood
Description: Critical examination of major and selected minor writers from the colonial period through Hawthorne and Melville.

The Native Americans: A Civilization Interrupted 1:24:06
Native American Oral Literature 1:24:36
Spain in America 1:22:55
France and England in America 1:21:21
The Puritan Vision of America 1:23:59
The Puritans: Conformists, Rebels and Tortured Souls 1:16:07
Puritan Literature: Poetry Private and Public 1:22:47
The Tangled Vision: Puritan Wonders, Magic and Witchcraft 1:22:11
The Literature of Cultural Conflict 1:22:53
Benjamin Franklin: The Self-Made American 1:22:08
The Age of Reason: Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine 1:26:12
Voices of the Revolution: Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine 1:25:46
The First American Bestsellers: Charlotte Temple and The Coquette 1:26:48
The Early American Romantics: Irving and Cooper 1:26:04
Edgar Allen Poe: Tales of Love and Beauty 1:23:06
Edgar Allen Poe: Tales of Mystery and Terror 1:23:06
Emerson and Transcendentalist Religion 1:24:06
Emersons Intellectual Declaration of Independence 1:24:26
Frederick Douglass: The Story of an Escaped Slave 1:24:07
Harriet Ann Jacobs: The Story of a Slave Girl 1:23:46
Nathaniel Hawthorne: Versions of Romance 1:23:06
Nathaniel Hawthorne: Return to Puritanism 1:23:06
The Scarlet Letter: Hawthornes Masterwork 1:23:06
Voices of Dissent: On Abolition and Womens Rights 1:23:06
Thoreaus Life at Walden Pond 1:23:06
Uncle Toms Cabin: An Abolitionist Bestseller 1:23:06
Native American Voices 1:23:07
Centuries of American Song 1:22:36
Walt Whitman's Song of the Soul 1:23:06

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