Geometric Structures on Manifolds

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source: LeonhardEuler1     2014年9月7日
Talks from the "Geometric Structures on Manifolds" workshop held at Banff in April of 2012. The conference website, where the videos can be downloaded, can be found here: http://www.birs.ca/events/2012/5-day-workshops/12w5121/vi...

Robert Bryant, An Introduction to G2 and Spin(7) Manifolds 50:40
Andras Stipsicz, Knots in Lattice Homology 46:36
Ludmil Katzarkov, From Higgs Bundles to Stability Conditions 53:18
Claude LeBrun, Four Manifolds, Einstein Metrics, and Differential Topology 53:41
Tim Perutz, Arithmetic Aspects of Homological Mirror Symmetry 55:29
Matthew Hedden, Recent Progress on Topologically Slice Knots 49:43
Dmitry Alekseevski, Compact Cohomogeneity One Kähler and Kähler-Einstein Manifolds 41:04
Jonathan Hillman, The Homotopy Types of Geometric 4-manifolds 40:52
Thomas Walpuski, A Conjectural G2 Casson Invariant 53:52
Mihaela Pilca, Lowest Eigenvalue of the Dirac Operator on Kähler Manifolds and Special Holonomy 47:15
Weimin Chen, On Seifert Fibered 4-manifolds 48:43
Andrei Teleman, Gauge Theoretical Approach in the Classification of Class VII Surfaces 51:03
Timothy Nguyen, Quantum Chern-Simons Theory and Perturbative Renormalization 49:47
Liviu Nicolaescu, Complexity of Random Smooth Functions on Compact Manifolds 34:54
Yanki Lekili, Floer Theoretically Essential Tori in Rational Blowdown 51:13
Scott Baldridge, Coisotropic Luttinger Surgery on Symplectic 6-manifolds 47:33
Andrew Swann, Multi-moment Maps and Applications to Special Holonomy 50:42
Gil Cavalcanti, SKT Geometry 44:33
Katrin Wehrheim, How to Construct 4-manifold Invariants via the Symplectic Category 54:31

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