Data Structures and Algorithms (2009) by Richard Buckland at UNSW

source: UNSWelearning    2009年8月16日
CS2: Data Structures and Algorithms (2009) - Richard Buckland
A selection of the course material is available at https://wiki.cse.unsw.edu.au/openlear...
These are the 2009 lectures of COMP1927 Algorithms and Data Structures, aka Computing2 the second computing course taken by first year computing students at UNSW. This course follows immediately on from COMP1917 (also available on YouTube).
These lectures were recorded August-November 2009 and are gradually being uploaded to youtube. Currently the lectures 1-39 of 50 have been uploaded in draft form.
A selection of the course material is available at www.openlearning.net All of the course material will eventually be available (once all the videos are posted)
This course is followed by COMP2911 which looks at Design in computing, including OO design and algorithm design. In the first half of 2010 Richard's lectures for this course were also be recorded and will be posted next.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms 48:13
Lecture 2: Data Structures and Algorithms 47:44
Lecture 3: Data Structures and Algorithms 45:48
Lecture 4: data structures and algorithms 58:22
Lecture 5: Data Structures and Algorithms 58:00
Lecture 6: Data Structures and Algorithms 43:48
Lecture 7: Data Structures and Algorithms 47:29
Lecture 8: Data Structures and Algorithms 51:08
Lecture 9: Data Structures and Algorithms 55:35
Lecture 10a: Bucket Sort, Counting Sort  27:28
Lecture 10b: Exponential Growth 19:46
Lecture11: Data Structures and Algorithms 40:29
a priori VS a posteriori: Interview with Glen Kelley 2:46
Lecture12: Data Structures and Algorithms 48:43
Lecture13a: Data Structures and Algorithms 36:54
Lecture13b: Data Structures and Algorithms 29:26
Lecture14: Data Structures and Algorithms 40:10
Lecture15: Data Structures and Algorithms 54:42
Lecture 16: Data Structures and Algorithms 55:27
Lecture 17: Data Structures and Algorithms 1:12:41
Lecture 18: Data Structures and Algorithms 31:56
Lecture 19: Data Structures and Algorithms 43:15
Lecture 20: Data Structures and Algorithms 21:59
Lecture 21: Search Design 58:24
Lecture 22: Inside and Outside 40:27
Lecture 23: Hash Tables 59:11
Lecture 24: Task 2 46:17
Lecture 25: Hashing 58:06
Lecture 26: LOOPS!! 44:33
27: Introduction to Graphs 1:06:00
Lecture 29: Design and Discovery 58:48
About the Project: Fury of Dracula 41:41
31: Simple Graph Problems  1:02:31
Linked List ADT in C 2/2 6:12
Linked List ADT in C 1/2 9:37
32: What is Life? The Amazing R.H. Conway 37:30
33a: admin only 21:22
33b: Graph Algorithms and Skepticism 37:43
34a: Controlling Errors 8:40
34b: Numerical Algorithms I 34:03
35a: The loneliest number 9:20
35b: Numerical Algorithms II 48:17
not a lecture: just chitchat about the project and misc before extension lecture 36 24:00
36: Puzzles and Protocols (with Movie) 24:36
37: Balancing 46:56
38: Balanced Trees 49:40
39: Things Go Wrong, Heaps 1:01:36

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