Centenary scientific symposium (2015)

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source: WalterandElizaHall     2015年8月10日

Hodgkin P (2015): Historic perspective 23:28
Burgess T (2015): Stimulators of the phagocytes 22:41
Steitz J (2015): Noncoding RNAs: with a viral twist 34:38
Winzeler E (2015): Chemical genetics and the search for next generation antimalarial drugs 35:04
Mitchell G (2015): Walter and Eliza Hall Institute vs pathogens: scoreboard and match highlights 23:38
Stratton M (2015): Signatures of mutational processes in human cancer 43:39
Vaux D (2015): Cell death and cancer research at WEHI - 30 years in 20 minutes 22:40
Graves J (2015): Weird animals, sex and the future of men 37:55
Gray D (2015): Apoptosis and immunological tolerance 28:25
Janic A (2015): Identification of the critical p53 tumor suppression mechanisms in vivo 18:44
Carapetis J (2015): Shining a light on rheumatic fever pathogenesis 38:21
Thompson E (2015): Inheritance of genomes across chromosomes and among individuals 33:40
Goodnow C (2015): Analysis of germline & somatic mutations in immunodeficiency & lymphoid malignancy 43:17
Jacks T (2015): Engineering the cancer genome 38:27
Steitz T (2015): From the structure and function of the ribosome to new antibiotics 39:35
Rothenberg E (2015): Dynamics and mechanism of the T-cell lineage commitment process 34:53
Betzig E (2015): Imaging life at high spatiotemporal resolution 1:10:02

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