Bainite by Harry Bhadeshia at POSCO in South Korea

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source: bhadeshia123     2011年5月1日
Microstructure of Bainite
Here we explore the known features of bainite in steels, which in subsequent lectures are explained in terms of the atomic mechanism by which bainite forms. The bainite reaction on a time--temperature transformation diagram, in the context of all the other transformations that occur in steels; the microstructure of upper and lower bainite; the carbides that form during the bainite reaction; the sub--unit of bainite; the behaviour of substitutional solutes such as Mn, Si, Cr during the bainite reaction; the behaviour of interstitial solutes such as carbon or nitrogen during the bainite reaction; the shape deformation due to bainite; plastic relaxation.
More information on http://www.msm.cam.ac.uk/phase-trans/
and corresponding slides on http://www.msm.cam.ac.uk/phase-trans/...

POSCO Lectures on Bainite - Part 1 42:09
POSCO Lectures on Bainite - Part 2 50:53
POSCO Lectures on Bainite - Part 3 56:12
POSCO lectures on bainite - part 4 37:13
Physical Metallurgy of Steels - Part 4 47:02
Design of Novel Bainitic Steels 1:01:58
Martensite and Bainite: Bain Correspondence 0:30
Martensite and Bainite: Bain Correspondence 0:14
Superbainite at the Science Museum 0:51
Ballistic tests on nanostructured bainite armour Ballistic testing of armour  1:55
Carbon atoms at a line defect in nanostructured bainite 0:04
2015 Van Horn Distinguished Lectures: 3 1:08:49
Machining of a resulphurised bainitic steel 1:40
Bainite at Institut franco-allemand de recherche pour la défense 53:30
Why martensite and bainite grow as thin plates 8:50

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