Non-equilibrium statistical physics (2015, ICTS Bangalore)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences     2015年12月20日
PROGRAM URL: http://www.icts.res.in/program/NESP2015
DATES: Monday 26 Oct, 2015 - Friday 20 Nov, 2015
VENUE: Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore

This program will be organized as an advanced discussion workshop on some topical issues in nonequilibrium statistical physics. The aim of the program is to bring together active researchers to discuss outstanding problems. The main areas of focus in the workshop will be
Heat and particle transport in low dimensional systems.
Large deviation functions and fluctuations in non-equilibrium systems.
Localization and thermalization.
The workshop also aims to bring together researchers from diverse areas in statistical physics so as to initiate exchange of ideas and generate collaborations among them.
The program will consist of short lectures by invited participants on the first day of each week and the rest of the time will be available for discussions. There will also be some pedagogic lectures on the following topics
Localization and thermalization (David Huse, week 1)
Fluctuating hydrodynamics (Herbert Spohn, week 1)
Macroscopic fluctuation theory (Giovanni Jona-Lasinio, week 2)
Exact results in heat conduction (Cedric Bernardin and Stefano Olla, week 2)
Cedric Bernardin, Abhishek Dhar, Joel Lebowitz, Stefano Olla, Sanjib Sabhapandit, Keiji Saito and Herbert Spohn

Vacancy-induced crossovers in the chiral orthogonal .... by Kedar Damle 43:42
Molecular dynamics study on a nonequilibrium motion ... by Chulan Kwon 40:58
Kubo formula and ac conductance of open systems by Onuttom Narayan 35:28
Statistical relaxation of many-body systems following a random quench by Sudip Haldar 22:25
Quantum thermalization and many-body Anderson localization by David Huse (pedagogic) 1:49:44
Quantum thermalization and many-body Anderson localization by David Huse (pedagogic) 1:35:34
Instantaneous gelation and explosive .... by Colm Connaughton 45:54
Long-Range correlations in nonequilibrium systems by David Mukamel 46:10
Equilibrium fluctuations for one-dimensional conservative systems by Marielle Simon 23:49
Random Matrix Theory and the dynamics of nonequilibrium interfaces by Herbert Spohn 1:18:21
About ICTS by Rajesh Gopakumar 13:31
Introduction to Fluctuating Hydrodynamics Theory in one-dimensional systems by Herbert Spohn 1:41:25
Efficiency of a linear Brownian heat engine by Jae Dong Noh 41:56
Quantum thermalization and many-body Anderson localization by David Huse 45:39
Introduction to Fluctuating Hydrodynamics Theory in one-dimensional systems by Herbert Spohn 1:43:37
Fast coarsening in strong phase separation by Sakuntala Chatterjee 28:21
Pressure in non-equilibrium (active) systems by Yariv Kafri 42:53
The nonlinear Schrodinger equation, nonlinear fluctuating ..... by Manas Kulkarni 46:39
Fluctuation-dominated phase ordering by Mustansir Barma 43:55
Violation of universality in anomalous Fourier’s law? by Pablo Hurtado 43:41
Fluctuations of current in non-stationary diffusive lattice gases by Baruch Meerson 43:03
Total cost of operating an information engine by Jaogen Um 21:57
Current and Density large deviations for 2d asymmetric systems by Cedric Bernardin 42:32
Additivity property and mass fluctuations in ....... by Punyabrata Pradhan 35:04
Critical dynamics of an exclusion process with hole-dependent rates by Kavita Jain 26:52
Energy diffusion and superdiffusion in acoustic and non-acoustic chains by Stefano Olla 44:17
Computing thermopower of interacting systems by Jiao Wang 32:04
Current and Density large deviations for 2d asymmetric systems by Cedric Bernadin 1:32:56
Non-equilibrium systems with current reservoirs by Dmitrios Tsagkarogiannis 39:37
Error estimates on the computation of transport coefficients by Gabriel Stoltz 39:18
Breakdown of the hydrodynamic limit for extreme current fluctuations by Yongjoo Baek 25:06
Understanding non-equilibrium: some recent advances by Giovanni Jona-Lasinio 1:08:50
Introduction to macroscopic fluctuation theory by Giovanni Jona Lasino 1:51:31
Interplay between dephasing and geometry and directed heat ..... by Yonatan Dubi 44:15
Crossover to the stochastic Burgers equation from the WASEP with a slow bond by Patricia Gonçalves 42:27
Astroparticale Physics of neutrinos Nobel Prize 2015 and beyond by Amol Dighe 1:14:49
Nonequilibrium Markov processes conditioned on large deviations by Raphael Chetrite 40:16
Introduction to macroscopic fluctuation theory by Giovanni Jona Lasinio 1:24:16
Dynamic nuclear polarization and the paradox of quantum thermalization by Alberto Rosso 41:20
Thermal transport in low-dimensional lattices: negative temperature jump and ... by Dahai He 40:29
Hard-disk gas revisit by Hong Zhao 41:14
Thermal transport in various 1D structures by P. N. Gajjar 42:46
Phonons in 1D anharmonic chains by Yong Zhang 37:55
Some problems with mode coupling from fluctuating ... by Henk van Beijeren 37:09
Fluctuations, large deviations and rigidity for Coulomb systems and other ... by Joel Lebowitz 45:13
R-trivial Markov processes: Exact results for convergence to stationarity by Arvind Ayyer 41:43
Tagged particle diffusion in single file systems by Henk van Beijeren 27:27
Dynamic transitions in non-equilibrium work fluctuations of linear diffusion systems by Hynggyu Park 41:33
The Fibonacci family of dynamical universality classes by Gunter Schutz 44:34
Statistical mechanics of periodically driven closed quantum systems by Arnab Das 49:32
Current fluctuations in biomolecular systems by Udo Seifert 49:01
Time's Arrow and Entropy: Classical and Quantum by Joel Lebowitz (Public lecture) 1:17:57
Tagged Particle in Single File Motion by Sanjib Sabhapandit 44:23
Finite temperature free fermions and the Kardar-Paris- ..... by Satya Majumdar 48:51
Matrix Ansatz and Algebraic Bethe Ansatz for the Exclusion Process by Kirone Mallick 48:37
Application of duality to stochastic non-equilibrium models by Tomohiro Sasamoto 43:10
Exact gap statistics for the random average process on a ring with a tracer by Anupam Kundu 38:41
Rigorous bound on energy absorption and generic relaxation in ... by Keiji Saito 41:39
Energy current fluctuations in one dimensional systems in equilibrium by Abhishek Dhar 1:02:29
Large time zero temperature dynamics of the spherical ... by Gregory Schehr 47:46
Many-body localization in the presence of a single particle mobility edge by Subroto Mukerjee 50:06
Dynamical properties of a tagged particle in single file by Tridip Sadhu 44:17
Understanding normal transport in one-dimension: The case of the Coupled Rotator Model by Suman Das 17:47
Charge transport and thermoelectric efficiency in ..... by Bijay Kumar Agarwalla 25:42
Introductory lectures on record statistics by Gregory Schehr 1:24:46
Introductory lectures on record statistics by Gregory Schehr 1:23:39
How statistical forces depend on the thermodynamics and kinetics of driven media by Urna Basu 24:13
Modelling aggregation and fragmentation phenomena using the Smoluchowski equation by Argya Dutta 26:20
The exclusion process: a paradigm for non-equilibrium statistical mechanics by Kirone Mallick 1:22:52
1D KPZ equation: basics by Tomohiro Sasamoto 58:31
Elastically coupled random walkers: A model for molecular motor driven transport by Deepak Bhat 20:56
Quantum charge pumping - Flouquet states and topological pumping by Abhiram Soori 25:03
The exclusion process: a paradigm for non-equilibrium statistical mechanics by Kirone Mallick 1:29:31
1D KPZ equation: exact solution by Tomohiro Sasamoto 1:31:21
Isothermal transformations between NESS by Stefano Olla 1:38:58

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