Crystal: Fast as C, Slick as Ruby (Brian J. Cardiff)

source: GoogleTechTalks     2017年2月2日
A Google TechTalk, 1/20/17, presented by Brian J. Cardiff
ABSTRACT: Crystal is a new programming language that focuses on developer productivity, type safety and execution performance. It is statically checked and compiles to native (machine) code. It combines a type inference algorithm, compile-time macros, compile-time type introspection, automatic union types and Ruby-like syntax, allowing quick prototyping and generating efficient computer programs. It provides a Garbage Collector, uses LLVM as its backend and doesn’t run on a Virtual Machine.
In this talk we will show some examples and patterns that arise from combining all these language features.
For more information about Crystal: http://crystal-lang.org
About the speaker: Brian J. Cardiff
Brian is part of the original three-person core team that started Crystal language. He has over 15 years of experience as a professional software developer, most of them at Manas, the company behind Crystal. He has an extensive knowledge on programming languages, which include being a teacher at University of Buenos Aires on Paradigms of Programming Languages for several years. His contributions to Crystal have helped shape its type system and type inference algorithm, one of the key features of the language. Brian also has a keen interest in visualizations and user interaction, which is reflected in the Crystal playground, the built-in interactive code editor that ships with the compiler.

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