Gardens of California (Spring 2015) with Jerry Turney

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source: csuDHTV    2015年1月20日
IDS350 Gardens of California (Spring 2015) : An examination of the relationship between environment and the flora that surrounds us with Jerry Turney
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Prun Roses: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=14m4s
Good Time to Plant Bare Root: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=15m27s
Good Time to Plant Your Summer Vegetables: ttps://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=16m34s
Stone Born Problems: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=19m12s
Not To Late to Plant Winter Vegetables: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=21m20s
Growing Wild Flowers: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=22m49s
What stone fruit do you want to get? https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=23m58s
Preserving Water in California:
Tullip Tree: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=29m45s
Camillias: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=32m37s
Rose Form Double: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=42m42s
Camillia Japonica: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=48m19s
Camillia Sasanquas: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=50m48s
Most Common Camillia: https://youtu.be/41PL4GUweEE?t=52m51s

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