03/24: a short note

1. Those series videos not in English or Chinese are currently often bundled up with just one simplified label in each section. The reasons for this are as follows. With no help around to handle different foreign languages, I can only count on online translators which are often not very trustworthy. The less I use them, the fewer mistakes I might make. For those videos, all current labels (and short translations) are made for the expediency of further classifications in the future (once helps appear); it's not that I intended to simplify the classification of videos in those languages other than English and Chinese.  

2. Some might wonder why lately I seemed to spend lots of time searching for and embedding series videos that were not in English or Chinese and appeared to neglect some old video channels that I used to embed. I need to clarify some possible misunderstandings here but not now--I probably can make time to prepare a fuller explanation later in mid- or late April.

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