Workshop on Stress and Meter to celebrate Morris Halle's 90th birthday' (2013, MIT)

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source: MITLINGUISTICS    2013年10月18日
From M@90, Metrical Structure: Stress, Meter and Textsetting, to celebrate Morris Halle's 90th birthday, a 2-day workshop held at The Department of Linguistics and Philosophy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on September 20 and 21,2013.

M@90 Introduction, Michael Kenstowicz 9:30
Alan Prince (Rutgers): Metrical Theory as a Portal on Theory 53:56
Bill Idsardi (University of Maryland): Stress, computation, and the Chomsky hierarchy 44:17
Junko Ito, Armin Mester (UC Santa Cruz): Supersized Units 45:59
Matt Gordon (UC Santa Barbara): Reconciling grid marks and feet 47:57
Megan Crowhurst (UT Austin): Beyond the Iambic-Trochaic Law 44:24
McCarthy, Pater and Pruitt (UMass, Amherst; Arizona State University): Cross-level interactions 40:58
Paul Kiparsky (Stanford): From Germanic stress to Scandinavian pitch accent 42:16
General discussion Day 1 43:23
Bruce Hayes (UCLA): Milton, Maxent, and the Russian method 44:02
Mark Liberman (Penn): Design for a corpus of scanned verse 31:32
Kevin Ryan (Harvard): Against final indifference 43:19
Kristin Hanson (UC Berkeley) "Hebrew Melodies" and English Anapests 43:50
Nigel Fabb (Strathclyde University): The metrical line, and prosodic phrasing in performance 47:07
John Halle (Bard): Reconciling Text Setting and Poetic Form within Generative Metrics 52:23
Morris Halle (MIT): On the morpho-phonology of the Latin verb 40:19
General discussion, day 2 13:48

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