2017 ITAMP/B2 AMO Physics Winter Graduate School

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source: ITAMP Physics    2017年1月25日
2017 Winter Graduate School on Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics - Quantum Information Fundamentals and Applications
At Biosphere 2 Conference Center in Arizona, January4-11, 2017.
Organized by Pierre Meystre, Emeritus Regents Professor of Physics and Optical Sciences, University of Arizona and Editor in Chief Physical Review, Hossein Sadeghpour, Senior Scientist and Director of ITAMP, Harvard-Smithsonian CFA and Arvinder Sandhu, Professor of Physics, University of Arizona.

Steve Girvin Lecture I 56:05 (Yale University) “Introduction to Circuit QED”
Mikhail Lukin - Lecture I 1:00:57
Mikhail Lukin Cont Lect I 6:08
Wolfgang Lechner Lecture I 1:08:02
Susanne Yelin Lecture I 1:02:02
Mikhail Lukin Lecture II 1:03:23
[private video]
Susanne Yelin Lecture II 1:00:26
Mikhail Lukin lecture III 1:09:23
Wolfgang Lechner Lecture II 1:04:41
Steve Girvin Lecture III 1:01:50
Wolfgang Lechner Lecture III 1:05:26
Chris Monroe lecture I 1:06:47
Susanne yelin Lecture III 1:03:38
Chris Monroe lecture III 1:12:56
Chris Monroe - Lecture II 1:13:55
Seth Lloyd lecture I 1:30:03
Seth Lloyd Lecture II 31:45
Seth Lloyd - Lecture III 41:48
Hannes Pichler 1:10:57
Matthias Troyer lecture I 45:04
Seth Lloyd Lecture IV 1:39:48
Matthias Troyer LectureI II 1:19:34
Matthias Troyer Lecture III  1:02:39

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