50 Year of Linguistics at MIT: a Scientific Reunion

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source: MITLINGUISTICS        2011年12月21日
Video by MIT Libraries Academic Media Production Services
videos from the talks and discussion

Welcome and Introduction Welcome & Introduction: David Pesetsky, Deborah Fitzgerald  7:27
Lecture 1 Lexicon-Syntax Interactions: Beth Levin, Idan Landau, Ray Jackendoff  1:40:03
Lecture 2 Evaluation Metrics: John Goldsmith, Charles Yang  1:13:21
Lecture 3 Principles & Parameters: Luigi Rizzi, Mark Baker, Richard S. Kayne  1:37:51
Lecture 4 Noam Chomsky  1:42:22
Lecture 5 Endangered Languages: Norvin Richards, Jessica Coon, Seth Cable 1:28:14
Lecture 6 Semantics & Grammar: Danny Fox, Philippe Schlenker  1:11:16
Lecture 7 Laboratory Linguistics: Colin Phillips, Liina Pylkkänen, William Snyder  1:45:50
Lecture 8 Representations in Phonology: Bruce Hayes, Janet Pierrehumbert, Lisa Selkirk  1:37:34
Lecture 9 9. Derivations in Linguistics: Howard Lasnik, Andrew Nevins, Paul Kiparsky, Howard Lasnik, Tom Bever  1:55:46
Lecture 10 10. Morris Halle  51:50

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