Indian Political Thought by M. N. Thakur & Satish Kr. Jha (Jawaharlal Nehru U, New Delhi)

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source: Cec Ugc    2016年3月18日

Indian Political Thought 1:00:24
Indian Political Thought 59:53
Brahminic and Sraminic Tradition in Indian Political Thought 56:50
Islamic and Syncretic Tradition 56:56
Indian Political Thought 50:33
Kautilya's Political Thought 57:14
Political Ideas of Kabir 58:24
Political Ideas in Buddhism and Agganna Sutta 56:24
Gandhi's Ideas of Swaraj 55:55
Political Thought of Ziauddin Barni 59:07
Abu farzl and his Political Thought 55:29
Political Thought of Rammohun Roy 1:01:38
Political Thought of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar 57:59
Political Thought of Jayaprakash Narayan 58:58
Secularism 50:14
Political Thought of Iqbal 53:01
India as Federal Polity - I 56:47
India as Federal Polity - II 57:39

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