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source: iBiology    2016年5月16日

Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado (Stowers, HHMI) 1: Scale, proportion and organ regeneration 30:37
Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado (Stowers, HHMI) 2: Regeneration: Neoblasts: The planarian stem cells 30:40
Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado (Stowers, HHMI) 3: Regeneration: Expanding the number of model systems 28:43
Elliot Meyerowitz (Caltech , HHMI) 1: Why we need to understand plant development 30:15
Elliot Meyerowitz (Caltech, HHMI) 2: Plant development: Modeling Arabidopsis phyllotaxis 28:38
Elliot Meyerowitz (Caltech, HHMI) 3: Plant development: Physical force as a signaling mechanism 33:30
Thomas Kornberg (UCSF) 2: Cytoneme directed transport and direct transfer model 38:30
Thomas Kornberg (UCSF) 1: An introduction to paracrine signaling 34:38
Richard Amasino (U. Wisconsin-Madison, HHMI) 2: Vernalization: how winter cold promotes flowering 39:36
Richard Amasino (U. Wisconsin-Madison, HHMI) 1: How plants “know” when to flower 25:27
Dominique Bergmann (Stanford U / HHMI) 3: Stomata and global climate cycles 23:52
Dominique Bergmann (Stanford U / HHMI) 2: Stomata as a model for stem cells 34:27
Dominique Bergmann (Stanford U / HHMI) 1: Key issues in plant development 34:44
Mike Levine (UC Berkeley) Part 1: Transcriptional Precision: Enhancers 9:49
Mike Levine (UC Berkeley) Part 2: Transcriptional Precision: Shadow Enhancers 21:52
Mike Levine (UC Berkeley) Part 3: Transcriptional Precision: Paused Polymerase II 16:32
Mike Levine (UC Berkeley) Part 4: Transcriptional Precision: Repressors 17:51
Ruth Lehmann (NYU) Part 4: Lipid Signals Guide Germ Cells 35:50
Ruth Lehmann (NYU) Part 3: Germ Cell Migration 32:22
Ruth Lehmann (NYU) Part 2: RNA Regulation 33:08
Ruth Lehmann (NYU) Part 1: Germ Cell Specification 26:53
Martin Raff (UCL) Part 1: Regulation of Cell Size 40:57
Martin Raff (UCL) Part 2: Cell Number Control 37:14
Cynthia Kenyon (UCSF) Part 1: Genes that Control Aging 42:47
Cynthia Kenyon (UCSF) Part 2: :The Regulation of Aging by Signals from the Reproductive System 37:17
Elaine Fuchs (Rockefeller) Part 1: Introduction to Stem Cells 35:12
Elaine Fuchs (Rockefeller) Part 2: Tapping the Potential of Adult Stem Cells, and Summary 1:17:04
Eric Wieschaus (Princeton) Part 3: Evolution of Bicoid-based Patterning in the Diptera 21:05
Eric Wieschaus (Princeton) Part 2: Stability of Morphogen Gradients & Movement of Molecules 37:34
Eric Wieschaus (Princeton) Part 1: Patterning Development in the Embryo 28:29
Trudi Schupbach (Princeton Univ) Part 1 Axes formation in the Drosophila Egg 22:05
Trudi Schupbach (Princeton Univ) Part 2 Gurken RNA localization 22:47
Trudi Schupbach (Princeton Univ) Part 3 Gurken Gradient and Follicle Cell Response 27:02
Richard Losick (Harvard) Part 3: Stochasticity and Cell Fate 24:58
Richard Losick (Harvard) Part 2: New Research on Multicellularity 18:14
Richard Losick (Harvard) Part 1: Spore Formation in Bacillus Subtilis 28:58

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