Drones: The Next Game-changer for Development Aid? | RSA Replay

source: The RSA    2017年1月24日
In this special event in partnership with Crown Agents Foundation, RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor discusses how we fulfil the humanitarian promise of technological advance with Tamara Giltsoff, Head of Innovation at the Department for International Development, whose ambition it is to bring tech innovation into day-to-day leadership and delivery of UK aid; and former Africa Correspondent at the Economist, Jonathan Ledgard, whose vision is to transform drones into agents of hope, utilizing the lower skies of African cities under-served by infrastructure networks, to revolutionize cargo delivery for those who need it most. Marie Staunton, Chair of Crown Agents, SOAS and former Chief Executive of Plan International joins the debate to challenge developers and innovators to show that the market for new tech understands the development problems it wants to solve, and be able to show real, measurable added value.
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