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source: iBiology    2017年2月14日

Stephen P. Bell (MIT / HHMI) 1a: Chromosomal DNA Replication: The DNA Replication Fork 28:55
Stephen P. Bell (MIT / HHMI) 1b: Chromosomal DNA Replication: Initiation of DNA Replication 27:30
Stephen P. Bell (MIT / HHMI) 2: Single-Molecule Studies of Eukaryotic DNA Replication 32:13
C. David Allis (Rockefeller U.) 2: Epigenetics in Development and Disease 45:10
C. David Allis (Rockefeller U.) 1: Epigenetics: Why Your DNA Isn’t Enough 42:23
Daniela Robles-Espinoza (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute): Hunting for the Genes Behind Skin Cancer 30:21
John Schell (U. Utah): Getting Fuel to the Cell’s Engine: The Importance of Metabolism in Disease 30:50
Rachel Green (Johns Hopkins U., HHMI) 2: Protein synthesis: mRNA surveillance by the ribosome 37:19
Rachel Green (Johns Hopkins U., HHMI) 1: Protein synthesis: a high fidelity molecular event 43:06
Nicole King (UC Berkeley, HHMI) 1: The origin of animal multicellularity 26:54
Nicole King (UC Berkeley, HHMI) 2: Choanoflagellate colonies, bacterial signals and animal origins 36:13
Abby Dernburg (UC Berkeley / LBNL / HHMI) Part 3: The Role of Dynein in Chromosome Pairing 15:08
Abby Dernburg (UC Berkeley / LBNL / HHMI) Part 2: Chromosome Pairing during Meiosis 15:44
Abby Dernburg (UC Berkeley / LBNL / HHMI) Part 1: Meiosis: an Overview 19:20
Anna Marie Pyle (Yale U./HHMI) Part 3: RNA Helicases and RNA-triggered Signaling Proteins 32:16
Anna Marie Pyle (Yale U./HHMI) Part 2: Inside an RNA Splicing Machine 28:56
Anna Marie Pyle (Yale U./HHMI) Part 1: RNA Structure 23:04
David Bartel (Whitehead Institute/MIT/HHMI) Part 1: MicroRNAs: Introduction to MicroRNAs 42:45
David Bartel (Whitehead Institute/MIT/HHMI) Part 2: MicroRNAs: Regulation by Mammalian microRNAs 30:30
David Bartel (Whitehead Institute/MIT/HHMI) Part 3: MicroRNAs: What is a MicroRNA? 27:12
Joseph Takahashi (UT Southwestern/HHMI) Part 1A: Circadian Clocks: Clock Genes, Cells and Circuits 33:18
Joseph Takahashi (UT Southwestern/HHMI) Part 1B: Circadian Clocks: Clock Genes, Cells and Circuits 2 30:24
Joseph Takahashi (UT Southwestern/HHMI) Part 2: Circadian Clocks: Genetics of Mammalian Clocks 41:40
Joseph Takahashi (UT Southwestern/HHMI) Part 3: Circadian Clocks: Molecular Basis of a Clock 34:28
Elizabeth Blackburn (UCSF) Part 3: Stress, Telomeres and Telomerase in Humans 45:58
Susan Wessler (UC Riverside) Part 2: How transposable elements amplify throughout genomes 1:15:02
Susan Wessler (UC Riverside) Part 1: Introduction to transposable elements 38:13
Andrew Murray (Harvard) Part 1: Yeast Sex: An Introduction 27:15
Andrew Murray (Harvard) Part 2: How to shmoo and find a mate 51:46
Robert Tjian (Berkeley/HHMI) Part 1: Gene regulation: An introduction 31:29
Robert Tjian (Berkeley/HHMI) Part 2: Gene regulation: Why so complex? 41:21
Melissa Moore (U. Mass/HHMI) Part 2: Spliceosome Structure and Dynamics 39:34
Melissa Moore (U. Mass/HHMI) Part 1: Split Genes and RNA Splicing 35:58
David Botstein Part 2: Connecting Growth Control and Stress Response 46:00
David Botstein Part 1: Fruits of the Genome Sequences 52:11
Roy Parker (U. Colorado Boulder/HHMI) Part 2: P-bodies and the mRNA Cycle 34:44
Roy Parker (U. Colorado Boulder/HHMI) Part 1: mRNA Localization, Translation and Degradation 53:58
Jim Haber (Brandeis) Part 2: Details of DNA Repair in Budding Yeast 1:24:34
Jim Haber (Brandeis) Part 1: Mechanisms of DNA Repair by Recombination 1:01:41
Cynthia Kenyon (UCSF) Part 1: Genes that Control Aging 42:47
Cynthia Kenyon (UCSF) Part 2: :The Regulation of Aging by Signals from the Reproductive System 37:17
Sydney Brenner Part 2 Genomes Tell Us About the Past contd 42:36
Sydney Brenner Part 1 Genomes Tell Us About the Past 39:06
Elizabeth Blackburn (UCSF) Part 2: Telomeres and Telomerase in Human Stem Cells and in Cancer 26:58
Elizabeth Blackburn (UCSF) Part 1: The Roles of Telomeres and Telomerase 48:28

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