Steven Tuck - Summing It All Up: Lessons from Ancient Cities for the Modern City Designer/Dweller

source: Yale University    2016年12月5日
For the first time in human history, more people live in cities than not. It's therefore important that we critically examine the legacy of cities from the ancient world and ask what lessons we can learn about the successes, failures, and achievements of cities. In this lecture, we explore a number of categories of urban planning and the direction of modern urbanism and note that where it adheres to critical principles of the ancient world, it sees its greatest successes.
Steven L. Tuck is Professor and Chair of Classics at Miami University. He has won eight teaching awards from the local to the national level, directed over sixteen study tours, excavated in three countries, written and presented four lecture series for the Teaching Company’s Great Courses series, and published in the areas of Greek and Roman architecture, sculpture, spectacle entertainment, harbors, and epigraphy.
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