Introduction to Biophotonics (Winter 2010 at UC Davis)

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source: UC Davis Academics    2014年10月24日
This course IST8A targets freshmen students who are part of the Integrated Studies Program. It is a basic interdisciplinary exploration of the intersection of biology, physics, optics and technology with light. In addition to getting an overview of the science of biophotonics, doing hands-on experiments, and interacting with Center for Biophotonics, Science and Technology scientists, the students have projects on how to communicate this new technology to middle and high school students and the general public.

Introduction, Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology Overview 53:26
Basics of Light 1:43:30
Light Sources and Interaction with Matter 1:52:21
Light/Tissue Interactions 1:55:18
Tools for Biophotonics 1:43:21
Basic Biology 1:29:41
Molecular Biology and Cancer Introduction 1:51:08
Overview of CBST Science Program 1:45:07
Use of bioluminescence to study plant circadian rhythms 38:51
Studying Bioluminescence, Tagging Living Organisms 1:38:35
Basic Neuroscience and Neuro-Photonics and Traumatic Brain Injuries 1:35:52
Nanotechnology and Uses in Biophotonics 1:28:15
Dissecting Pulse Oximetry 1:12:07

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