Soft Active Materials: From Granular Rods to Flocks, Cells and Tissues (at UC Davis)

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source: UC Davis Academics    2014年10月24日
This ICAM workshop brought together junior and senior researchers working on the emergent properties of soft active matter. It focused on nonequilibrium collective behavior and locomotion in active systems, including mixtures of cytoskeletal filaments and motor proteins, the cell cytoskeleton, bacteria colonies, collections of cells in elastic matrices or living tissues, plankton in the ocean, insects or animal groups and vibrated granular layers. By bringing together researchers from a variety of disciplines we hope to stimulate new interactions and ideas in this rapidly evolving field.

Swarming and swirling: from granular rods to bacterial colonies  1:02:38 This presentation examines the movement of particles due to vibration and the resulting interactions between them.
Active Emulsions 35:39
Mechanics of Tissue Growth 47:31
Soft Squishy Tissue: The Depth Dependent Mechanical Properties of Articular Cartilage 15:09
Session I Discussion 30:27
Collective Dynamics in Swimming E. Coli Bacteria 43:59
Genomics of Emerging Order Within a Biofilm 47:59
The Nonlocal Hydrodynamics of Swimming Cells 45:32
Foraging Strategies for Starving and Feeding Amoeba 57:15
How Harvester Ant Colonies use Interaction Networks to Regulate Foraging 48:02
Collective Motion and Decision Making in Animal Groups 52:53
Collective Motion: Some Models and Experiments 43:01
Evolution of Collective Behavior in Animal Groups 17:33
Short Talks on Various Biological Networks 1:02:39
Physics at Work in Cell Biology and Cancer 55:14
Assembling Contractile Actomyosin Bundles 43:29
Cell Dynamics and Active Gels 41:24
Out-of-equilibrium in vitro Actin Networks 15:31
The Transportation System Inside a Living Cell 14:01
Theory of Filament Depolymerization by Motor Proteins 17:31
Invasive Patterns of Malignant Brain Tumors 19:51
Session IV Discussion 34:22
Growth Induced Ordering and Streaming in Dense Bacterial Populations 42:15
Self-Propelled Particles: From Microdynamics to Hydrodynamics 34:10
Hydrodynamics and Rheology of Active Polar Films 12:08
Electrically Driven Dynamics of Small Particles in Liquid Crystals 15:31
Velocity and Stress Correlations in Suspensions of Swimming Microorganisms: Theory and Simulation 18:45
Session V Discussion 24:21
Dynamics of Active Cellular Response Under Mechanical Stress 41:35
Endothelial Cell Network Assembly on Soft Subtrates 54:03
Response of Cells to Nonlinear Elastic Substrates 51:57
A Model for Surface Tension in Cell Aggregates 11:31
Multi-cellular Substrate Deformation Guides Collective Migration 23:49
F-actin Dynamics in Human Skin Cells Directs Velocity of Cell Migration 19:41
Session VI Discussion 25:16

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