RNA Symposium 2015

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source: UCIBrenICS     2015年5月20日
RNA Symposium 2015

Ryan Lim, UC Irvine -  Transcriptomic signatures in neurodegenerative disease 22:05
Ruslan Afasizhev, Boston University -  RNA editing enzyme machines 27:15
Ian MacRae, Scripps - Mechanisms underlying gene silencing by microRNAs  45:42
Inna Afasizheva, Boston University - Repeat-containing RNA binding proteins: switches, blocks, and triggers 22:22
Peter Sarnow, Stanford - Functions of a liver-specific microRNA in the life cycle of hepatitis C virus 43:30
Robert Spitale, UCI - Structural imprints in vivo decode RNA regulatory mechanisms 28:04
Klemens Hertel, UCI - Embracing splicing complexity: integrating mechanisms of splice site selection to predict splicing patterns 22:24
Ali Mortazavi, UCI -  RNA-seq of differentiation, a few cells and a few hours at a time 29:54