4 Steps for Optimizing Situational Awareness and Visual Intelligence | Amy Herman

source: Big Think    2016年11月30日
Amy Herman teaches visual intelligence to doctors, intelligence analysts and the NYPD. Here she runs through how to make decisions you can defend under questioning: ones that are perceptive and informed. Herman's book is "Visual Intelligence: Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life" (http://goo.gl/03uM0u).
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Transcript - Visual intelligence is the concept that we see more than we can process and it's the idea of thinking about what we see, taking in the information and what do we really need to live our lives more purposefully and do our jobs more effectively.
I work across the professional spectrum. So I work with police officers and intelligence analysts and doctors and nurses and librarians, but what's interesting for me is that the four A's are applicable to all of that. And what they are is any new situation, any new problem, any new client, any new transaction, any new environment that you're in you practice four A's. The first one is you assess your situation. What do I have in front of me? What information is here? Read Full Transcript Here: https://goo.gl/5lD21M.