BX2016: Behavioral Exchange Conference (Harvard Kennedy School)

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source: HarvardCPL 2016年7月26日
Recordings of all Breakout and Plenary Sessions from the BX2016 Behavioral Exchange Conference which took place on June 6th and 7th, 2016. This conference was organized by the Behavioral Insights Group at the Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School.

BX2016 'Making Diversity Work' Plenary 1:33:10
BX2016 'Diversity' Breakout 1:28:57
BX2016 'Philanthropy' Breakout 1:25:35
BX2016 'Law' Breakout 1:31:42
BX2016 'Development' Breakout 1:30:24
BX2016 Monday PM Breakout Introductions 34:53
BX2016 'Public Health' Breakout 1:25:08
BX2016 'Education' Breakout 1:29:27
BX2016 'Environment' Breakout 1:29:41
BX2016 'Organizational Behavior' Breakout 1:27:48
BX2016 'Implementing in Government and Organizations' Plenary 1:24:03
BX2016 'Behavioral Economics of Online Platforms' Breakout 1:06:15
BX2016 'Emerging Units' Breakout 1:10:36
BX2016 'Institutionalizing Experimentation in Policy-Making' Breakout 1:19:07
BX2016 'The Promise and Pitfalls of Behavioral Science at Scale' Breakout 1:17:45
BX2016 'The Quantified City' Breakout 1:19:33
BX2016 'Smart Scaling' Breakout 1:15:10
BX2016 'Government Policy and Practice Through the Behavioral Insights Lens' Breakout 1:12:41
BX2016 'The Why and the What for Public Officials' Breakout 1:15:44
BX2016 'How We Talk About Nudging: A Conversation with Cass Sunstein' 43:05
BX2016 'Moving Beyond Nudging' Plenary 1:11:50

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