Quantum Gravity Foundations: UV to IR (2015)

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source: GraduatePhysics       2015年11月20日
Lectures at the Quantum Gravity Foundations: UV to IR held at KITP, Mar 30-Jun 19.
Event website: http://qgravity15.wikispaces.com/

Tom Banks - Quick overview of Holographic Space-Time 1:39:18
Leonardo Senatore - Issues in inflation and de Sitter space 1:13:16
Ben Freivogel, Steve Giddings, Ted Jacobson, Juan Maldacena - The Problem of Quantum Gravity 1:24:45
Observables (KITP Quantum Gravity Foundations 2015 discussions) 1:52:04
Daniel Kabat - An update on the construction of local bulk observables 1:13:34
Daniel Harlow - Bulk Locality and Quantum Error Correction in AdS/CFT 1:20:58
Alexander Zhiboedov - Looking for a bulk point 1:07:11
Decoding Problem (KITP Quantum Gravity Foundations 2015 discussions) 1:09:39
Douglas Stanford - A bound on chaos 1:23:24
Duality, Error correction (KITP Quantum Gravity Foundations 2015 discussions) 1:25:07
Guilherme Pimentel - the role of the WdW equation II 1:19:36
IR Effects in Inflation (KITP Quantum Gravity Foundations 2015 discussions) 1:29:18
Juan Maldacena - the role of the WdW equation 1:25:44
Leonardo Senatore - IR issues in inflation and de Sitter space II 1:16:30
Sara Shandera - IR modes in the multi-field inflationary landscape 47:25
Liam Fitzpatrick - AdS/CFT and the Holographic S Matrix 1:00:58
Bianca Dittrich - What can we know and what can we observe in quantum gravity 1:20:28
Ben Freivogel - Eternal Inflation in Quantum Gravity 1:16:35
Atsushi Higuchi, Shun Pei Miao, Tomislav Prokopec - Issues in Inflationary cosmology 1:49:31
Don Marolf - Information and Holography in Quantum Gravity 1:10:04
Eva Silverstein - Quantum gravity, large field inflation, and CMB/LSS observations 1:24:55
Don Marolf - Observables and their algebras in quantum gravity 1:17:41
Carlo Rovelli - Afraid of entering quantum spacetime? 1:08:03
Mark Van Raamsdonk - Holographic constraints on spacetimes and entanglement structure 1:15:22
Henriette Elvang - Recent Developments on Gravitational Scattering Amplitudes 1:18:45
Observables and IR Issues (KITP Quantum Gravity Foundations 2015 discussions) 1:02:07
Black Hole Information (KITP Quantum Gravity Foundations 2015 discussions) 1:05:37
Quantifying Obervables of Cosmological QFT (KITP Quantum Gravity Foundations 2015 discussions) 1:31:21
Stefan Hollands - Operator Product Expansion 44:30
Steven Giddings - Decoding the hologram 1:08:45
Ted Jacobson - Entanglement, equilibrium, and the Einstein equation 1:11:27
Tom Banks - Unofficial lecture on holographic spacetime II 1:06:47
Tom Banks - Unofficial lecture on holographic spacetime I 1:16:55
Vladimir Rosenhaus - Bulk/boundary duality, precursors, and gauge invariance 1:11:15
Thomas Hertog - Remarks on Eternal Inflation 1:30:17
William Donnelly - Diff-invariant observables and nonlocality 1:26:50
Lionel Mason - Ambitwistor strings and gravitational scattering 1:22:45
Steve Giddings & Gabriele Veneziano - Scattering, from perturbative to nonperturbative 1:29:47
Zvi Bern - Unexplained magic in gravity amplitudes 1:11:02
Gabriele Veneziano - Causality constraints on short distance modifications of gravity 1:07:25
Gilad Lifschytz - Bulk equations of motion from CFT correlators 1:24:03
D O'Connell & JJ Carrasco - Gravity = Yang Mills^2 1:09:50
Joe Polchinski - Chaos in the black hole S-matrix 1:18:25
Nonperturbative aspects of scattering (KITP Quantum Gravity Foundations 2015 discussions) 1:19:50
Kyriakos Papadodimas - Reconstructing the black hole interior from the CFT, an update 1:23:22
John Donoghue - Nonlocality in the effective field theory of gravity 1:13:39
Tom Banks - Unofficial lecture on holographic spacetime III 1:27:07
Netta Engelhardt - A New Area Law in General Relativity 1:05:02
Adam Brown - Hot Bubbles of Nothing 44:31
Ted Jacobson - Firewall evasion by diffeomorphism constraints 1:25:23
Vyacheslav Lysov - Subleading soft theorems and asymptotic symmetries 1:08:53
Andy Strominger - Memory, Symmetries and Soft Theorems 1:23:59
Alexander Maloney - String Universality and 3D Quantum Gravity 45:56
Ben Freivogel - Quantifying the Firewall Conflict 47:32
Nima Arkani-Hamed - Holographic Polytopes 1:51:47
Cliff Burgess - Self tuning under the microscope 1:01:53
Steve Giddings - Nonviolent unitarization: overview, questions, opportunities 1:26:22
Harlow, Marolf, Raju, Verlinde - State dependence, bulk observables, black hole interiors 2:01:03
Daniel Litim - Asymptotic safety: from gauge theories to gravity 1:32:53
Daniel Litim - Asymptotic safety, black holes and black hole thermodynamics 1:40:20
Donald Marolf - Hot multiboundary wormholes from local bipartite holographic entanglement 1:00:27
Edgar Shaghoulian - Modular invariance and black hole entropy 33:51
Herman Verlinde - Poking Holes in AdS/CFT Bulk Fields from Boundary States 1:24:09
James Sully - Tensor Networks from Kinematic Space 46:59
Martin Einhorn - Dimensional transmutation as the origin of mass in renormalizable gravity 1:12:03
Sergey Sibiryakov - Semiclassical S-matrix for black holes 1:12:24
Black Holes (KITP Quantum Gravity Foundations 2015 final discussions) 1:19:21
Leonard Susskind - What I Learned from AMPS 1:08:37
Samir Mathur - A model with no firewall 1:39:15

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