PACOS (International Symposium on Particle, Strings and Cosmology) 2015

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source: GraduatePhysics     2015年9月23日
Lectures at the PACOS (International Symposium on Particle, Strings and Cosmology) 2015 held at ICTP, June 29-July 03. Event website: http://pascos2015.ictp.it

L. Covi - Gravitino and decaying Dark Matter at LHC 33:42
M. Luty - Induced Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and SUSY Naturalness 32:40
A. Wulzer - Higgs Compositeness at the LHC and Beyond 33:47
J.P. Conlon - Galaxy Clusters as Tele-ALP-scopes 35:57
M.M. Jabbari - Phase Space and Symplectic Symmetry Algebra for Near Horizon Extremal Geometries 33:30
Y. Nomura - Black Hole Information and Constituents of Spacetime 39:33
F.A. Cachazo - S-Matrix Theory 38:02
S. Dimopoulos - Experiments Big and Small 47:44
R. Kallosh - Supersymmetric KKLT and the Nilpotent Goldstino in Cosmology 37:21
A. Arvanitaki - The highs and lows of the QCD axion 38:14
F. Quevedo - Welcome (International Symposium on Particle, Strings and Cosmology 2015) 5:17
U. Seljak - Theoretical and observational progress in Large Scale Structure 35:47
J. Dunkley - Cosmology from Planck 39:47
M. Lisanti - Unresolved Point Sources and the GeV Excess 33:53
D. Baumann - From Wires to Cosmology 37:08
K. Zurek - Superconducting Detectors for Super Light Dark Matter 4:09
G. Shiu - Inflation in String Theory 30:55
A. Smirnov - Neutrino properties from the hidden sector 37:02
G.A. Burdman - Natural Theories with Colorless Top Partners 35:06
A. Linde - Cosmological attractors: Inflation, dark energy and SUSY breaking 33:54
W. Buchmüller - Split Supersymmetry from Magnetized Extra Dimensions 34:28
L. Senatore - The Effective Field Theory of Cosmological Large Scale Structures 38:01
L. E. Ibanez - Higgs-otic Inflation and String Theory 32:30
J. Thaler - Unsafe but Calculable 35:42
M. Corradi - Overview of Higgs results at LHC 43:40
S. Rajendran - Cosmological Relaxation of the Electroweak Scale 35:09
M. Felcini - Supersymmetry and dark matter searches at the LHC 53:04
L.T. Wang - Probing new physics at colliders, LHC and beyond 32:16

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