Heidegger: On The Way To Thinking (English Subtitles)

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source: Eidos84     2011年7月5日
Excerpts from the 1975 documentary "On The Way to Thinking". English Subtitles

Heidegger On Language and Poetry (English Subtitles) 1:44
In the first monologue from the 1975 documentary "On the Way to Thinking", Heidegger briefly discusses his notion of language. He contrasts average everyday speech, which is seen as simply an "instrument of information", with a more poetic saying which speaks of "deeper" relations.
Heidegger On the Question of Being (English Subtitles) 1:02
In the second brief monologue in "On the Way to Thinking" Heidegger returns to the perennial question of his philosophy: die Seinsfrage, the question of Being. Heidegger maintains that Being has today been forgotten, though it still continues to determine the "essence" of man.
Heidegger On the Task of Thinking (English Subtitles) 1:42
Heidegger discusses the task for thinking today, a new form of thinking requiring a "new method". At first, such a thinking will be accessible to few, though the rest of us might "indirectly" know it.
Heidegger On Marx (English Subtitles) 1:35
Heidegger discusses Marx's famous critique of philosophy: "the philosopher has hitherto interpreted the world. The point is, to change it." Heidegger argues that this statement is disingenuous, for any notion of "world change" is itself always dependent on a new interpretation of the world.
Heidegger On Religion (English Subtitles) 0:52
"Heidegger on Religion", a short excerpt from the 1975 documentary "On the Way to Thinking".
"The End of Philosophy and The Task of Thinking", Heidegger's final monologue from the 1975 documentary "On the Way to Thinking". Heidegger discusses his contributuion to a future "thinking" which will supercede traditional philosophy and metaphysics.

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