BioNanotechnology Summer Institute: on engineering and physical science laboratory techniques (2012-2016)

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source: NanoBio Node 2012年5月21日 / updated: 2016年7月19日
Attendees participate in two weeks of lectures and hands-on training in engineering and physical science laboratory techniques by experts in the field. Topics include cancer nanotechnology, cell mechanics, molecular biology, micro fabrication, and NanoBio devices.

Welcome 36:27
Intro to: Fourier optics, Light scattering, Holography, QPI (Parts 1 and 2) 1:56:40
Intro to: Fourier optics, Light scattering, Holography, QPI (Part 3) 49:08
Nonlinear optics 1:01:26
Microscopy 1:11:13
Basic Principles of Fluorescence 52:40
Early history of lifetime measurements and lifetime imaging 51:05
Some examples of FLIM analysis 26:02
How physics and modern computers have revolutionized imaging / Inverse problems 1:03:09
Tour of the Cell 1:01:40
Intro to cellular bioengineering 1:11:06
Breast cancer biomarkers: From serendipity to rational discovery 1:16:59
Optical coherence tomography 1:10:42
Spectroscopic imaging 51:38
A Tutorial on Optical Characterization Methods; VI1, VI2, VI3, VI4 56:26
Intro to Nanophotonics 1:08:47
Plasmonics and Metamaterials 1:07:44
Photonic Bionsensors 47:35
Optical and Computational Approaches to Multidimensional Live Cell Imaging 1:03:52
Computational adaptive optics for broadband interferometric tomography 30:44
Quantitative phase imaging: methods 1:16:32
Quantitative Phase Imaging: Live Cell Applications 41:27
Scattering, Absorbing, and Modulating Molecular Probes for Targeted Imaging and Therapy 1:01:38
Plasmon-resonant nanoparticles for biological imaging 1:13:24
Selective agents for sensing and imaging based on functional DNA technology 40:25
Chemical imaging for cancer pathology 56:07
Fast Relaxation Imaging: protein dynamics inside cells 57:30
Colorimetric Nanoplasmonic Molecular and Cellular Imaging 1:11:37
Nanophotonic detection of drug binding to cytochrome P450 41:33
Photonic Crystal Enhanced Fluorescence Imaging 40:22
Keynote- Single Molecule Fluorescence and Optical Trapping Applied to Molecular Motors 53:54
Fourier transforms 2:27:04
Wave optics/ Fourier optics 2:25:09
Nonlinear optics 38:10
Dynamic light scattering for nanoparticle characterization 53:23
A tour of the cell 1:06:28
Intro to cellular bioengineering 1:17:33
Pathology of blood and tissue biopsies 52:26
Plasmon-Resonant Nanoparticles for Biological Imaging Applications 55:35
Insights into the molecular workings of ion channels 1:12:03
Quantitative phase imaging of intracellular transport 1:16:26
BioNanotechnology Summer Institute 2014 - Poster Session 08/01/14 29:35
BioNanotechnology Summer Institute 2014 - Poster Session 08/04/14 28:43
Microfluidics and Nanotechnology for Biology and Medicine (Rashid Bashir) 56:07
BioNanotechnology Summer Institute 2014 - Poster Session 08/05/16 25:53
BioNanotechnology Summer Institute 2014 - Poster Session 08/06/16 35:03
2014 Bionanotechnology Summer Institute - NanoOptics Lab Day 1 27:37
2014 Bionanotechnology Summer Institute - NanoOptics Lab Day 2 33:30
Mechanical Design Considerations for Stretchable Cell Culture Systems (Chelsey Simmons) 1:11:30
Gold Nanostars as Tiny Hitchhikers for Cancer Therapeutics (Teri Odem) 1:17:19
Fundamentals of Nano Optics and Plasmonics for the Biomedical Researcher (Prashant Jain) 1:08:11
Mechanobiology in Neuronal Development (Taher Saif) 49:52
Cancer Basics (Ann Nardulli) 1:07:23
SMART: Shrink Manufacturing Advanced Research Tools (Michelle Khine) 55:12
Extracellular Matrix Remodeling during Cancer Progression and Metastasis (Manu Platt) 59:51
Societal Implications of Bionanotechnology (Irfan Ahmad) 1:27:44
Translational Nanomedicine in the Interface of Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering (Dipanjan Pan) 1:01:40
Mobile Phone Nanosensor Platform at Molecular Precision for Environmental Health Diagnostics 1:00:19
Plasmonic Nanoparticles and Nanostructures (Ivan Smalyukh) 1:17:45
Translational Nanomedicine from Drug Discovery to Preclinical Studies (Dipanjan Pan) 49:30
Nanoscopic Tools in Live Cell Analysis (Joseph Irudayaraj) 1:04:49
Estimation of Lamellipod Protrusion Forces (Richard Chadwick) 54:52
Introduction to Mechanics in Mechanobiology, Part I (Taher Saif) 1:12:20
Nanotechnology and Spectroscopic Instrumentation for Image-Guided Precision Medicine (Shuming Nie) 58:27
Modeling Nanopore for Sequencing DNA (Alexei Aksimentiev) 1:06:14
Hands-on Lab Module (Jeremy Smith) 31:06
Microfluidic Design Enables Single-cell and Sub-cellular Protein Measurement 1:10:43

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