Peter Dear, “Darwin’s Sleepwalkers: Taxonomic Evidence in Darwin’s Species Theory”

source: Yale University    2016年6月30日
Shulman Lectures in Science and the Humanities – “The Question of Evidence”
“Darwin’s Sleepwalkers: Taxonomic Evidence in the Presentation of Darwin’s Species Theory”
Peter Dear is a professor of history and of science and technology studies at Cornell University. The recipient of Guggenheim, National Science Foundation, and National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships, he is the author of Mersenne and the Learning of the Schools (1988), Discipline and Experience: The Mathematical Way in the Scientific Revolution (1995), The Intelligibility of Nature: How Science Makes Sense of the World (2006), and Revolutionizing the Sciences: European Knowledge and Its Ambitions, 1500–1700, 2nd (new) edition (2008).

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