Debarshi Das: Game Theory and Economics (IIT Guwahati)

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source: nptelhrd      2012年7月4日
Humanities - Game Theory and Economics by Dr. Debarshi Das, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Guwahati. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Lec-01 Definition of Game Theory and Rational Choice 1:01:45
Lec-02 Interacting Decision Makers 1:04:04
Lec-03 Strategic Games : Examples 1:03:18
Lec-04 Matching Pennies, Stag Hunt and Nash Equilibrium 1:04:15
Lec-05 Examples of Nash Equilibrium 1:04:41
Lec-06 Altruism and Prisoner's Dilemma 51:27
Lec-07 Variants Stag Hunt Game, Hawk Dove and Coordination Game 59:26
Lec-08 Public Good Provision, Strict Nash Equilibrium 56:13
Lec-09 Best Response Functions 54:17
Lec-10 Strictly and Weekly Dominated Action 1:06:09
Lec-11 Application of Week Domination: Voting 56:45
Lec-12 Symmetric Games and Symmetric Equilibrium 55:09
Lec-13 Cournot Model of Oligopoly 1:07:08
Lec-14 Different Aspects of Cornot Model 1:05:32
Lec-15 Further Aspects of Cournot Model 53:56
Lec-16 Cournot & Bertrand Models 1:03:57
Lec-17 Different Aspects of Bertrand Model 54:17
Lec-18 Electoral Competition 1 52:20
Lec-19 Different Aspects of Hotelling Model 55:40
Lec-20 Hotelling Model: Concluding Remarks 1:00:47
Lec-21 War of Attrition 59:56
Lec-24 First Price Auction 53:22
Lec-22 Second Price Sealed Bid 54:25
Lec-25 All Pay Auction, Multi Unit Auction 1:01:21
Lec-23 Further Aspects of Second Price Auction 55:20
Lec-26 Accident Laws 1:03:34
Lec-27 Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium: Introduction 1:02:12
Lec-28 Mixed Strategy, Mixed Strategy Equilibrium 1:01:55
Lec-29 Mixed Strategy Equilibrium: Concept and Examples 1:01:44
Lec-30 Characterisation of Mixed Strategy Equilibrium 56:47
Lec-32 Rationalisability and Beliefs 1:04:01
Lec-31 Dominated Actions and Iterated Elimination 1:01:11
Lec-33 Extensive Games: Introduction 1:04:12
Lec-34 Strategy and Equilibrium 1:03:34
Lec-35 Nash Equilibrium and Its Problems 1:04:56
Lec-36 Subgame Perfect Nash Equilibrium 1:01:54
Lec-37 Backward Induction 1:02:22
Lec-38 Backward Induction: Exercises 1:05:17
Lec-39 Ultimatum Game 1:01:48
Lec-40 Stackelberg Duopoly Model 1:00:33

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