Chemical Engineering - Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes by Nitin Kaistha (IIT Kanpur)

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source: nptelhrd      2013年11月18日
Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes by Dr. Nitin Kaistha, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kanpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction to the course 26:01
Lec-02 Process Dynamics and Negative Feedback 51:31
Lec-03 PID control 36:53
Lec-04 Common Industrial Control Loops and advanced loops 51:19
Lec-05 Advanced loops (contd) and multivariable systems 52:44
Lec-06 Systematic Tuning Using Frequency Domain Analysis 57:22
Lec-07 Frequency Domain Analysis 58:19
Lec-08 Multivariable Systems 48:48
Lec-09 RGA and dynamic decoupling 46:00
Lec-10 Model based control 51:09
Lec-11 Dynamic Matrix Control 1:07:08
Lec-12 Control of Distillation Columns 39:24
Lec-13 Temperature inferential distillation control 1:00:08
Lec-14 Considerations in temperature inferential control 46:35
Lec-15 Control of Complex Column Configurations 55:02
Lec-16 Control of Heat Integrated Columns 55:21
Lec-17 Homogeneous extractive distillation 55:21
Lec-18 More on complex columns and reactive distillation 1:03:36
Lec-19 Control of reactors 58:23
Lec-20 PFR controls (continued) & CSTRs 45:48
Lec-21 CSTR heat management 49:13
Lec-22 Heat Exchangers and Miscellaneous Systems 1:02:06
Lec-23 Degrees of freedom analysis 51:58
Lec-24 Degrees of freedom (contd) 55:58
Lec-25 Illustration of considerations in control structure synthesis 49:16
Lec-26 Two column recycle process 49:31
Lec-27 Throughput manipulator selection 47:57
Lec-28 Plantwide control structure design 47:10
Lec-29 Systematizing plantwide control design 50:03
Lec-30 The Luyben design procedure 50:10
Lec-31 Role of equipment capacity constraints 48:04
Lec-32 Recycle process case study 56:17
Lec-33 Recycle process case study (contd) 47:28
Lec-34 C4 isomerization process case study 39:21
Lec-35 C4 isomerization process case study (contd) 46:37
Lec-36 C4 isomerization process case study 38:16
Lec-39 C4 isomerization process revisited 52:21
Lec-40 Contrasting conventional and top-down approach 51:43
Lec-41 Cumene process plantwide control 50:21
Lec-37 Systematic economic plantwide control design procedure 58:07
Lec-38 Ethyl benzene process case study 53:59

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