Matt Ocko: The Art of Funding Deep Technology

source: Stanford     2016年5月31日
MS&E 476: Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Venture Capital
Matt Ocko is a cofounder and partner at Data Collective Venture Capital (DCVC). DCVC has a unique team of experienced venture capitalists, technology entrepreneurs, and practicing engineers, investing together in seed and early stage big data and IT infrastructure companies. In this talk, Matt discusses the art of funding deep technology such as big data.
Course Description: We often discuss how technology is reinvented and disrupted, but there is also a good amount of change occurring within the venture capital industry. Within the past several decades there have been new entrants, from incubators to angels to different models of venture capital.

The course explores changes in the venture capital industry: from the rise of Sand Hill Road and investing in the dot-com bubble, to incubators and accelerators, equity crowdfunding platform, and different models of venture capital today.

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