Thinking Theologically About Modern Art

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source: GreshamCollege           2012年4月26日
A series of lectures given at a day-long conference, discussing modern art's engagement with theology. Full details about the conference (and the series of lectures leading up to it) can be found on the Gresham College website: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...

58:40 The Desublimation Of Modern Art: A Theological Task - Professor Ben Quash
Professor Ben Quash questions the place of 'the sublime', as defined by Immanuel Kant, in contemporary Christian art.
51:04 Modern Art: The Art Of Modern Life? - Professor George Pattison
Professor George Pattison examines a number of works in light of Baudelaire's definitive description of "the painter of modern life'', and considers the potential implications of such a definition on modern theological art.
54:19 A Sense Of The Sacred: Art and Architecture - Professor Frances Spalding
By exploring the architecture, stained glass windows and art installations of a variety of religious buildings, Frances Spalding shows the numerous ways in which ideas of 'the sacred' have been realised. Buildings covered include Lincoln Cathedral, Liverpool's Roman Catholic Cathedral and Le Corbusier's Notre Dame du Haut.
1:02:09 Marching to an Antique Drum? - Contemporary Christian Art - Roger Wagner
Artist Roger Wagner offers an overview of his own career and perspectives on the pressures faced by a modern Christian artist. He details the influence of artists such as Giorgio de Chirico and TS Eliot on his work, as well as his resistance to what Robert Hughes has called "institutional modernism".
52:24 Is There A God-Shaped Hole In Contemporary Art? - Jonathan Koestlé-Cate
Is there, as Allan Doig suggests, "a God-shaped hole in the middle of modern art"? Should contemporary church commissions meet criteria of accessibility, aesthetic quality and clear Christian symbolism? Should non-believers be commissioned to produce Christian art? Dr Jonathan Koestlé-Cate offers some answers to these questions.
44:22 Thinking Theologically About Modern Art - Discussion
At the end of the conference, 'Thinking Theologically About Modern Art', the speakers review issues raised by the proceeding talks.
The speakers are:
 * Professor the Rt Revd Lord Harries
 * Professor Ben Quash
 * Professor Frances Spalding
 * Professor George Pattison
 * Dr Jonathan Koestlé-Cate
 * Roger Wagner

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