Workshop on Motives Galois Representations and Cohomology Around the Langlands Program (2017)

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source: Institute for Advanced Study     2017年11月10日
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58:46 pp-adic etale cohomology of pp-adic symmetric spaces Pierre Colmez
1:03:09 Algorithms for the topology of arithmetic groups and Hecke actions - Michael Lipnowski
1:04:01 Higher Hida theory - Vincent Pilloni
1:04:45 Potential automorphy of some compatible systems over CM fields - Patrick Allen
55:38 Automorphy of mod 3 representations over CM fields - Chandrashekhar Khare
1:03:29 Modularity lifting theorems for non-regular symplectic representations - George Boxer
57:23 Topological and arithmetic intersection numbers attached to real quadratic cycles -Henri Darmon
1:00:16 An Euler system for genus 2 Siegel modular forms - David Loeffler
56:16 A derived Hecke algebra in the context of the mod pp Langlands program -Rachel Ollivier
10 1:02:21 Computations in the topology of locally symmetric spaces -Mark McConnell
11 1:00:30 Exceptional splitting of reductions of abelian surfaces with real multiplication - Yunqing Tang
12 1:03:31 Models for Galois deformation rings - Brandon Levin
13 57:23 Solvable descent for cuspidal automorphic representations of GL(n)’ - Laurent Clozel
14 1:01:29 Zagier's conjecture on zeta(F,4) - Alexander Goncharov
15 1:03:06 Pseudorepresentations and the Eisenstein ideal - Preston Wake
16 2:06:38 Automorphic forms and motivic cohomology I - Akshay Venkatesh
17 57:28 The mod pp derived spherical Hecke algebra: structure and applications - Niccolò Ronchetti
18 1:01:27 Higher Eisenstein elements in weight 2 and prime level - Emmanuel Lecouturier

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