Jo Delahunty - Transparency in the Family Justice System

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source: GreshamCollege       2017年10月19日
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59:33 Women Lawyers: Equals at the Bar? 
The times they are a-changing - or are they? Do female lawyers need to be Superwoman to survive? Is motherhood welcomed, tolerated or rejected at the Bar? What makes for a successful advocate? Is gender relevant? What about career progression? Are women fairly represented on the Bench and in its most senior courts? Is there practice or appointment discrimination and if so what is being done about it? This lecture will explore the reality of life at the Bar and why vocation matters.
57:49 What Do Judges Do In The Family Court? 
54:16 Vulnerable Clients and the Family Justice System 
53:10 Dealing with Sex Abuse: How Does the Family Court Assess Risk?
55:16 The Child in the Family Court Room

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