Jagjit Chadha--Economics - Money, Monetary Policy and Central Banks

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source: GreshamCollege      2014年9月23日
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57:59 From Gold to Paper and Back Again
Starting his series on the history and science of monetary policy, Jagjit Chadha examines the gold standard: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...
Money was linked historically to the value of commodities such as gold in order to help preserve its value and encourage its wide and ongoing use. There are many examples of countries temporarily delinking from commodity standards. This lecture will explore the consequences of tying monetary value to commodities and why there are better choices for a government than a commodity standard.
54:42 The Great Depression and its Legacy
53:16 Economics: Fine Tuning Out of Control 
52:47 The Science of Monetary Policy
1:00:09 Economics: Where the Great Experiment went Wrong
1:03:00 The New Art of Central Banking

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