Applications of Solid Mechanics (Spring 2018) by İlker Temizer at Bilkent University

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source: BilkentUniversitesi          2018年2月25日
ME 446 Applications of Solid Mechanics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University
Introduction to elasticity theory; tension-compression, continuity equations. Advanced strength of materials: torsion of axisymmetric cross sections, curved beams, thick-walled cylinders. Mechanics of composite materials. Introduction to layered materials and applications.

Lecture 01: Mathematical Preliminaries I
Lecture 02: Mathematical Preliminaries II
Lecture 03: Strain & Compatibility I
Lecture 04: Strain & Compatibility II
Lecture 05: Strain & Compatibility III
Lecture 06: Stress & Equilibrium I
Lecture 07: Stress & Equilibrium II
Lecture 08: Tension/Torsion of a Cylinder I
Lecture 09: Tension/Torsion of a Cylinder II
Lecture 10: Pressurized Thick - Walled Sphere
Lecture 11: Pressurized Thick - Walled Cylinder
Lecture 12: Thin Spinning Disk
Lecture 13: Airy Stress Function I
Lecture 14: Airy Stress Function II
Lecture 15: Spinning / Cantilevered Beam I
Lecture 16: Spinning / Cantilevered Beam II
Lecture 17: Spinning / Cantilevered Beam III
Lecture 18: Timoshenko Beam Theory I
Lecture 19: Timoshenko Beam Theory II

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