Workshop on Arithmetic Complexity

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source: matsciencechannel          2017年4月28日

1:05:22 Sum of powers of linear forms by Nutan Limaye
1:08:41 Algebraic vs Functional independence over any characteristic by Nitin Saxena
58:27 Separating homogeneous depth-4 and depth-5 arithmetic circuits by Ramprasad Saptharishi
1:08:36 On small hitting-sets for tiny arithmetic circuits by Sumanth Ghosh
1:00:02 Succinct Hitting Sets and Barriers to Proving Algebraic Circuits Lower Bounds by Ben Lee Volk
38:15 Randomized Polynomial Time Identity Testing for Noncommutative Circuits by Partha Mukhopadhyay
26:26 Non-commutative computations: lower bounds and polynomial identity testing by Guillaume Malod
1:32:55 An exponential lower Bound against depth five powering circuits by Raghavendra Rao
1:04:25 Separation of AC^0[\oplus] Formulas and Circuit by Srikanth Srinivasan
10 1:03:11 Invariants, Compression spaces, Brascamp-Lieb inequalities by K V Subrahmanyam
11 56:34 A deterministic PTAS for commutative rank of matrix spaces by Gorav Jindal
12 1:16:59 Tensors of minimal border rank by Markus Blaeser
13 1:02:20 Reconstruction of matrix products by Vineet Nair
14 1:02:25 Noncommutative polynomial factorization by V Arvind

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