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source: matsciencechannel         2017年1月5日

1:06:06 Pleating of sheets and slipping of crystals Plastic irreversibility from similar phase transitions?
1:06:35 Mechanics of a model cohesive granular medium
58:28 Crack Healing in Nanocomposites and High Strain-Rate Deformation in Metamaterials
45:29 Wavy Desiccation Cracks formed in an Electric Field
1:06:09 Impact of temperature on fracture propagation
1:08:41 The Yielding Transition in amorphous solids
54:22 Ductility Maximum : Role of Cavitation in Amorphous Solids
48:22 Micromechanical Modeling of Ductile Fracture
1:09:31 Statistics of crackling noise in granular matter
10 53:56 Aggregation and stability of anisotropic charged clay colloids in aqueous medium
11 1:00:56 A simulation approach to creep in polymeric fibres
12 42:12 Concluding Remarks

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