School on Frustrated Magnetism 2017

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source: matsciencechannel     2017年6月21日

1:37:44 Introduction to Frustrated Magnetism I by Prof John Chalker
1:31:56 Numerical Approaches for Frustrated Magnetism I by Prof Anders Sandvik
1:34:16 Introduction to Frustrated Magnetism II Prof John Chalker
1:36:27 Introduction to Frustrated Magnetism III Prof John Chalker
1:30:49 The Kitaev Model I by Prof Diptiman Sen
1:24:33 Numerical Approaches for Frustrated Magnetism II by Prof Anders Sandvik
1:28:42 Introduction to Frustrated Magnetism IV by Prof John Chalker
1:27:28 The Kitaev Model II by Prof Diptiman Sen
1:36:15 Numerical Approaches for Frustrated Magnetism III Prof Anders Sandvik
10 2:11:55 Special Lecture: Melting of three sublattice order: how does a KT phase pinch off? Prof Kedar Da
11 1:32:33 Spin Liquids I Prof Subhro Bhattacharjee
12 1:35:02 Numerical Approaches for Frustrated Magnetism IV Prof Anders Sandvik
13 1:28:45 Spin Liquids II Prof Subhro Bhattacharjee
14 1:35:11 Spin Liquids III - Prof. Subhro Bhattacharjee
15 1:37:53 Quantum Spin Ice I - Prof. Shigeki Onoda
16 1:15:45 Spin Liquids IV - Prof. Subhro Bhattacharjee
17 1:14:39 Colloquium: Prof. Anders Sandvik
18 1:22:13 Quantum Spin Ice II - Prof. Shigeki Onoda
19 1:25:44 Quantum Spin Ice III - Prof. Shigeki Onoda
20 1:25:34 Novel Phases in Frustrated Magnetism II - Prof. Karlo Penc
21 1:34:48 Novel Phases in Frustrated Magnetism I - Prof. Karlo Penc

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