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source: GreshamCollege     2013年7月9日
A series of lectures on the lesser-known museums, archives and collections of London, and some of the amazing things that can be found inside them.
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58:21 The Historic Collections of St Paul's Cathedral - Simon Carter
The historic collections have undergone some interesting developments in recent years. We will learn of new insights that have been revealed, and the roles of the library, architectural archive and object collection in the Cathedral's life.
41:54 The Royal Horticultural Society's Lindley Library: Safeguarding Britain's Horticultural Heritage
59:19 Faces in Court 1893-1918: Drawings of William Hartley from New Scotland Yard's Crime Museum -
56:41 The Historic Collections of Lambeth Palace Library - Giles Mandelbrote
52:29 Quakers Living Adventurously: The Library and Archives of the Society of Friends - David Blake
41:22 The Future of the Past: Treasures from the RIBA Collections - Valeria Carullo
52:07 The Historical Collections of the Guildhall Library - Dr Peter Ross
1:03:14 Anatomy Museums: Past, Present and Future - Professor William Ayliffe
58:31 The Story of Your Blood - Dr Archie Prentice, Dr Deepti Radia and Dr Joel Newman
10 52:31 The Museum and Historical Collections of the Bank of England - Jennifer Adam

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