Douglas McWilliams - Globalisation: then and now

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source: GreshamCollege       2013年12月13日
A collection of Professor Douglas McWilliams' lectures from his tenure as Gresham's Mercers' School Memorial Professor of Commerce. These lectures were delivered between 2012 and 2014. Professor McWilliams, the founder and Chief Executive of CEBR, one of the UK's leading specialist economics consultancies. For his lecture series, he chose to tackle Globalisation, both in retrospect and looking forward. This series is a masterwork of real world economics, accessible to beginners and rich enough for experts. Also Included are Professor McWilliams' signature off topic lectures. Freed from his theme, the professor alights on topics as diverse as London's transport needs, the correlation between economic and sporting success and the necessity of Cricket to founding a democratic state.
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48:49 Should the UK Adopt Money GDP Targets?
Following the lecture on 'A New Theory of Economic Growth' in the previous year, and with a new Governor of the Bank of England, this lecture looks at a different way of targeting economic policy to deal with the paradox that inflation has been consistently above its target for the past three years while growth has underperformed consistently. This lecture argues that the time has come to update the Monetary Policy Committee's target to use Money GDP instead of simple inflation targeting.
55:59 Globalisation and Inequality
41:40 Sorting out Transport in London
50:04 The Winning and Losing Nations
7:54 The UK Budget 2013: Analysis by Gresham Professor Douglas McWilliams
1:03:02 Will there be a shortage of spending power?
43:34 How to make Western Economies more Competitive
44:53 A New Theory of Economic Growth
1:03:58 Is the Growth in the Emerging Economies Additional or are we Growing more Slowly?
10 2:48 Japan's Economic Success: A Review
11 3:10 How Hong Kong and Singapore are Overtaking the UK Economy
12 1:24 Did China bring down the Iron Curtain?
13 48:57 The Greatest Ever Economic Change

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