Vernon Bogdanor--Britain and the Continent

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source: GreshamCollege        2013年9月25日
Few have so eloquently expressed Britains's relationship with Europe as Winston Churchill: "We are in Europe, but not of it" Professor Bogdanor series of lectures examines the nature of Britain and Europe' relationship and more importantly explains how it came to be. By teasing apart the subtle distinctions in history, national identity and politics, Professor Bogdanor trace the sometimes tumultuous relationship from the post war era right up to the modern day. The Lectures will also examine the necessities of trade and politics that have affected this relationship over the years and inform our current states. An essential series for euro-philes and euro-sceptics alike.
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53:32 Britain and the Continent
The first lecture seeks to contrast Britain and the Continent in terms of history and institutions, contrasts emphasised by the Second World War. The effect of these contrasts was that Britain would be required to undergo a greater degree of adjustment than any of the countries of the Continent were she to seek to join the European enterprise.
57:23 From the European Coal & Steel Community to the Common Market
1:04:33 The Decision to Seek Entry into the Common Market
1:04:00 Entry into the European Community, 1971-73
53:48 The Referendum on Europe, 1975
1:03:16 The Growth of Euroscepticism

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