Joanna Bourke - Understanding Human Violence

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source: GreshamCollege      2017年10月20日
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46:20 The History of Pain
Pain is often seen as universal and timeless, but how have peoples understandings of pain changed over time? Did the invention of more effective analgesics and anaesthetics really revolutionise medical practices and human relationships to suffering?
Pain forces sufferers to pay attention to their bodies. The way people-in-pain communicate their suffering has a profound effect on the type and quality of care they receive.
43:15 A Global History of Sexual Violence
In England and Wales today, 11 people are raped every hour. 85,000 women and 12,000 men are affected annually. Another half a million adults are sexually assaulted  not including large numbers of women, men, and children who never report being attacked to the police.
The lecture will explore what we know (and don't know) about sexual violence from a global perspective. How have people in different periods of history and in a variety of countries understood and responded to assaults? What can be done to reduce, if not eradicate, such violence?
47:42 Training in Violence: An Essay on Military Hazing
How have the British and American armed forces been taught to fight and kill in conflicts from 1914 to the present? What role have psychology and technology played in military training? How do combatants contribute to, and endure, harsh military drills? Social and cultural life in the barracks will be explored, including rites of passage in preparing soldiers for battle.

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